Putting you in control of your long-term chronic pain relief.

Neuromodulation is a field of medicine in which a device is utilized to stimulate nerves to combat chronic pain. This is accomplished through spinal cord stimulation, which involves implanting a device which sends mild electrical pulses to an area near your spine. This is in order to disrupt or alter the signals being sent to your brain which are causing you to feel pain.

The goal is to help you manage your pain so you can get back to daily life. There are stimulation parameters (pulse width and frequency, medication dosage etc.) that you can discuss with your physician in depth, to find out how best to control your pain. The effects are fully reversible and the implant can be switched off or removed at any time.


  • Before you have a permanent spinal cord stimulation device fitted, you will be given a temporary one to determine your response.
  • You should not undergo the implant if you have an active infection
  • Implants are battery-operated with batteries which last approximately 10 years
  • You will only be put forward for an implantable device if your chronic pain is not responding to other medication or treatment, it is not a frontline treatment
  • Neuromodulation considerably decreases your need for oral pain medication
  • The technology has been in use for over 30 years now, so it is well tried and tested