Quickfire Football Questions with Dr. Spinner

Q. Jets or Giants this season? Why?

The Giants – because Eli Manning is very steadfast, he’s quiet but stable and leads a very steady ship. 

Q. Who is your projected MVP?

Would have said Tom Brady, but he’s going to miss 4 games, so probably Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Q. Which players do you have an eye on this season?

Odell Beckham, the wide receiver for the Giants, and Victor Cruz.

Q. Exciting rookies?

Based on last year’s college football, probably the Running back for the Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott.

Q. College? Who’s going to win the national championship this year?

It’s hard to steer away from Alabama - they’d be the first choice – but I’m rooting for a non-big conference team to make some headway.

Q. Who are your Super Bowl picks and why? Who’s your winner?

I think the Patriots are going to make it back - they could take the Broncos. Also the Panthers – it might be Patriots vs. Panthers.